She was being hyperbolic when she called her fiance obtuse; there were times he was definitely thick, out of tune to her feelings, oblivious even. Sometimes she even had to scream in his face how she was feeling, and in return, she got very little reaction. This was one of the many reasons sSefani was unhappy, but the advice she'd recieved from her girlfriends was of the mindset of just one of the guys and maybe you should communicate more. Truthfully, stef was tired. Tired of being the only one invested, the only one present. she had been present in the relationship.

Until she wasn't.

Every night spent now was on her phone, even while Christian was around, which was a dangerous game. texting sarah, sending her memes, a smile on her face. The best part was, she had been getting away with it.

Until tonight.

"Are you even here with me?" Christian asked her, that night after they'd eaten Thai takeaway and shared a bottle of wine, some hockey game on in the background as she sat on the opposite end of the couch. The question took her off-guard. It was the first time he'd even noticed her mental absence. "I'm right here," She replied, looking back down at her phone. It was then, he grabbed her phone, tossing it aside. "Can you look up from that thing for one second? It's all you ever do anymore, are you talking to someone else?"

The question sent Stefani spinning "What the fuck?" She sputtered. "Just because I like playing Words With Friends, you're gonna accuse me of cheating?" She snatched the phone as she stood up, spilling the wine as she did. "Shit, look what you did," She ran off to grab a cloth from the kitchen, Christian's fading protests following her, taking a moment in the kitchen to breath before returning. "Stef, come on. I just want to know where your mind is at," Christian tries to soothe her, and somehow that makes her more angry, her guilt flaring up. "Just stop." She hastily cleans the wine up before turning on her heel. "Just... watch your stupid game"

With that, Stefani walks up to the bedroom, knowing full well that she's been entirely irrational and flops down on the bed. She doesn't text Sarah back right away. She can't decide what she feels more guilty about. Lying to Christian, or denying the fact that she has been talking to someone else. Not only that, someone she has sincere feelings for.

Either way, she feels like shit.