Birthdays had always seemed redunant to Stefani. Most importantly, her own, but in general; she liked to celebrate the people she cared about every day of their lives, and to be honest, it was easy to get wrapped up in whatever she was doing, whether it be a promotional gig, or a tour, that sometimes, they slid through the wayside. Not to mention, with the invention of social media, things like getting the most HBD posts on one's wall seemed to be more coveted then much other things.

Sarah, however, had changed that for her. The other woman, her now wife, had made every single day of her damn life special, but she'd also somehow managed to make her birthday feel like a damn national holiday. It bewildered her sometimes how one person, one single human, could be so kind and open-hearted as Sarah was.

And she was all hers.

The one thing Stefani had vowed to do this birthday, was bake Sarah a cake from scratch. Now, she was certainly not an amateur in the kitchen; being raised italian, there was no way getting around it. However, her expertise, if you could call it that, laid in cooking and improvising rather than the strict agenda that was baking.

Stef managed to give Sarah a list of things she needed at the store, which to be honest, she didn't actually need, as she dove into her baking agenda.

The quest at hand? Funfetti.

Two hours, sweat, a few flour mishaps and a disasterous cracked egg (That almost got gobbled up by Asia!) later, Stefani opened the oven, testing her cake pans with a tooth pick and sighed in relief.

The decoration part would be easy; no matter what she did, nothing would come close to how beautiful her wife was, so the bar was impossibly high.

Her wife. She smiled to herself, hearing the key click in the lock, her face turned to shock.

"Hey! I told you three hours!