2020 had been a very strange year.

Their worlds as they knew it got flipped around, tossed and turned, and just about everything changed. Everything except Sarah and Stefani's love for each other, that is. They alway said the first year of marriage was the hardest, and Stef wondered if she was missing something. Sure, they'd had their bickerings, some stranger than the others, but for the most part, being a wife had come surprisingly easy to Stefani.

She'd mentioned before that she felt like she was dreaming, and that was no lie. She was married, and she got to spend the majority of this year being a housewife. Of course she missed work, but spending time with Sarah had been something she wouldn't trade for anything. Perhaps the constant togetherness tested some relationships, but Sarah and Stef were stronger than ever.

That morning, for once, she'd woken up before her wife. Maybe it was on purpose, maybe she was too excited to sleep. It was Sarah's favorite holiday, after all. She crept down the stairs and started the fire, Yvie padding up to her and curiously rubbing against her leg. "You wanna get started on breakfast for mama?" She asks the cat, who looked at her quizzically. With that Stef goes to the kitchen to get started on her pancakes and coffee, the glittering of their tree shining behind her. She leans down to share a lick of cream with the cat before grinning.

"We're really lucky, aren't we?" She gives her a scratch behind the ears. "You should go wake her up. The sooner she gets down here, the sooner you can roll in wrapping paper," Yvie blinks back, with only coffee creamer on her mind. "Alright, fine. I'll do it," Two mugs of coffee in hand, Stef walks back up the stairs, her chest swelling happily

She wakes Sarah up the way she prefers; a kiss and some coffee. "Merry Christmas, baby. I love you."